The working conditions in most offices that involve sitting for long hours predispose most employees to back problems. It’s a similar scenario for those who work from home; poor sitting positions will exert unnecessary pressure on the spine and back structures. Thus, it’s essential to invest in an ergonomic chair to avoid compounding or developing problems. The following are the features of the best ergonomic chair.

1. Seat height

The best office chair should have an adjustable height, mainly using the pneumatic lever. The adjustable height will be suitable for any employee despite the height to work comfortably without straining. The employee can work comfortably by adjusting the height to where they feel safe and aren’t straining. The average height you should consider should range from 16 inches to 21 inches.

2. The lumbar support

Before you buy any chair for your office, it’ll be essential to check for lumbar support. On the human body, there is the lumbar part of the spine that curves inwards. If you sit for long in the wrong procedure, you may end up straining the spine as it’ll get flat, thus causing back pains. The best chair you should choose is the seat that will support the inward curve towards the lower back, thus relieving your back pains.

3. Comfortable sitting material

Before purchasing any chair for your office, it’ll be good to check for the designer’s material to make the seat. The best material on the seatback needs to have enough paddling. The paddling ensures that you have a good sitting posture that’ll not strain your back. When choosing the features of a good office chair, consider a chair with a cloth fabric material rather than one with a more rigid surface.

Closing thoughts

These features above will help you to choose the best office chair for your back pain. They work to support the lower back and promote a good sitting posture. Thus, they’ll be beneficial to helping you to prevent or control any developing or existing back pains.